Kamea® 20 Improves the Appearance of Dry, Rough, and Callused Skin.

Kamea® 20 contains ingredients that will rehydrate, moisturize, and condition your skin.

Dry skin occurs as a result of depletion of water from the stratum corneum (the top layer of the skin).

Kamea® 20 is a highly effective foot cream engineered to condition by increasing the water content of your skin, thus restoring the skin’s natural properties and suppleness.

Kamea® 20 will soften and help to exfoliate dry skin and callusing from your feet.

The unique delivery system and proprietary formulation of Kamea® 20 delivers urea and other ingredients through a process that penetrates thick skin, which often forms on the feet.

The Key is in the Ingredients

  • Urea – Hydrates and exfoliates
  • Allantoin – Conditions
  • Aloe Vera – Restores suppleness
  • Lanolin – Moisturizes and creates a soft, smooth appearance
  • Vitamin E Acetate – Increases skin enzyme activity

Ask Your Doctor for Kamea® 20

Because it’s critical that dry skin be properly and correctly diagnosed by a physician, we only make Kamea® 20 available through your doctor’s office.