Many things in nature find us appetizing. Fungus is one of them. A fungal infection can cause itching, burning, and cracks in our skin. The difference is, we can’t swat the fungus away. And unlike a mosquito, it is not that easy to see the fungus, even when it’s symptomatic.

Dr. Michele N. Kurlanski has found a way to help her patients see the fungus. Dr. Kurlanski uses a long-wave (365nm) ultraviolet mini flashlight to highlight the fungus for her patients. The reaction is immediate and profound. They are more motivated to treat the infection. She reports that patients are not only more compliant with treatment, but many also ask her to use the “light” to see if the infection is gone on subsequent visits.

We know a great idea when we see it. So, we have decided to give away a uvBeast™ to every practice that orders a 12 pack of Formula 7® Rapid MicroGel®! The uvBeast™ V3 365nm Mini fits in your lab coat pocket and is a perfect complement to your examinations.

Call us today and start “lighting up” that nasty fungus for your patients to see!